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 Please call the store to make an appointment with one of our readers or you can stop by to see if someone is available 


WED  Roman  11-7

THUR  Murray  12-5

FRI  Roman 11-7

SAT  Leroy  11-6

SUN  Leroy 11-6


Readers accept cash or debit/credit cards


Roman Delgado

Wednesday - 11 to 7pm

Friday- 11 to 7pm



"A Practitioner of Brujeria"

Roman Delgado is a Shamanic Healer, with a strong background on Core Shamanism, Curanderismo, Wicca, Reiki and Southern Conjure. He blends many forms of magic and spiritual healing to give his clients the ability to identify and move beyond spiritual wounding and negative patterns. His main aim is to bring your spiritual life into balance and wholeness. 

Reader Rates: - price varies

Reiki Sessions - $65/hr

Shamanic Healing Sessions - $150/hr

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Saturday - 11 to 6pm

Sunday - 12 to 5pm


"Leroy Two Hearts"

Oracle Card reader, Crystal Ball reader,

Alchemical Energy Worker & Spiritual Warrior. He has over 30 years experience with the spirit realm.



Thursday- 12 to 5pm


"Readings... And More"

Murray has been reading since the early 1970's and reading professionally since the 1990's.

He reads Tarot, Crone Stones and Hebrew Lots (22 disks, each with a seperate Hebrew letter). He is fluent in Hebrew and he & his wife teach intensive classes on tarot as well.

He has been a reader/healer at many local events and symposiums in the PNW for years.

Reader Rate:

15 min   $30

30 min   $50

45 min   $75

1 hr   $100

Facebook Page:

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