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 Please call the store to make an appointment with one of our readers or you can stop by to see if someone is available 



TUE-  Murray  1-6

WED-  Anna  2-7

THUR-  Peri  12-6

FRI-  Peri  12-6

SAT-  Bill  12-6

SUN-  Bill  12-5

Readers accept cash or debit/credit cards


Thursday 12-6

Friday  12-6

Psychic Reading + Healings

Peri is a psychic, a seer, and a healer. Her readings are intended to invite your inner knowing to arise. Each session is totally intuitive and may include past life information, removing chords or foreign energy, updating spiritual contracts, soul retrieval, light code information, or releasing of stuck memories. Each session also includes optional healing, to move blocking energy and bring your field back into alignment. A session with Peri can bring clarity, relief of physical pain, and ease in the flow of your life.

15 Min - $30

30 Min - $50

45 Min - $75

1 Hour - $100

1.5 Hour - $150

Payments accepted via cash, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, or Zelle.

Peri Beeles MS Pic.jpg



Tuesdays 1-6pm

"Readings... And More"

Murray has been reading since the early 1970's and reading professionally since the 1990's. 

He reads Tarot, Crone Stones and Hebrew Lots (22 disks, each with a seperate Hebrew letter). He is fluent in Hebrew and he & his wife teach intensive classes on tarot as well.

He has been a reader/healer at many local events and symposiums in the PNW for years.

Reader Rates:

15 min  $30

30 min  $50

45 min  $75

1 hr  $100

Facebook Page:

Bill Champlin

Saturday  12-6

Sunday  12-5

Psychic Tarot Energy Readings

Bill is an intuitive with a focus on psychic tarot card and energy readings to provide clients with precise, helpful guidance. He has been successfully reading for clients for 15 years. Upon request, Bill can access your Akashic Records to help you understand past lives and their bearing on your current life. His background in metaphysical studies began in the 1980's. 

Bill has a deep intuitive sense for building strong connections with others, a great deal of experience with a wide variety of people, including international clients.

Reader Rates:

Akashic Records Reading and Full Reading-30 min-$70

15 min - $30

30 min - $50

45 min - $75

1 Hour - $100

1.5 Hour - $150

Payments accepted:

Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay, Venmo, Cash App, or Zelle

Bill Champlin.jpg

Anna Long

Wednesday  2-7

The Devine Butterfly Tarot Readings

Anna Long was born and raised in Gig Harbor Washington. She found cards when she started her own personal journey of self-wellness. She had already taken care of her physical body through diet and exercise, but something else was missing. That was when she learned about energy work and reconnected with her spiritual side through cards. She had grown up in church but stopped going when she was a teenager because she did not align with the structure of church. She always believed in a higher power, but didn't know what her relationship was with that higher power. When she found cards and started connecting with her spiritual side, she started creating that relationship with that higher power and her true self. She has continued to study tarot and grow in her readings through her connection with the cards, as well as her Angels and Guides. Anna's readings have empowered countless individuals to make informed decisions, gain perspective, and embrace their true potential. She is here to support you in finding your true beautiful authentic self, and loving it to the core!


Her intention is to help you find radical freedom through opening the channel to grow in self-love, self-knowing, and self-trust through connecting with your higher self, your Angels and your Guides.

How she does her readings:

Her readings are channeled messages as well as energy healing. Anna opens the space with a sound bowl to help clear blockages and open the channel to receive. As she channels your messages she also channels healing energy from Universal unconditional love into your energy field to provide an energetic internal shift. She closes the reading with the sound bowl to integrate the messages and energy into your mind, body and soul to allow you to move forward with more ease and confidence!  



15 min: $40

30 min: $55

45 min: $85

1 hour: $120 

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