Gourmet Chocolate Truffles


The Handmaking Process

The chocolate artisans take painstaking care and pay close attention to detail when handcrafting these gourmet chocolates, making each handcrafted piece a uinque work of art. Beginning at 5:00 a.m. daily, they begin mixing and beating truffle centers until the right consistency is achieved. The hand rolled centers are then immersed into individual beds of white, milk or dark chocolate coatings. The result is a unique texture, look and taste only hand-made products from can provide. 


These quality handmade chocolates will accomplish certain requirements when tasted:


 It should break down immediately, leaving no aftertaste.

 There should not be a waxy or grainy feel on the roof of your mouth

 When you are finished with the piece, the taste in your mouth should not change.

Each handcrafted piece will truly amaze with every single bite.

 Black Forest Truffle

Luscious cherry puree and dark chocolate center, dipped in creamy white chocolate, then in dark chocolate.

Dark Raspberry Truffle

Decadent dark chocolate center blended with raspberry puree, dipped twice in dark chocolate.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Truffle

A milk chocolate, whipped cream center; immersed in dark chocolate, then in milk chocolate.


Merlot Truffle

White chocolate ganache center with a flavor infusion of Merlot, dipped in milk chocolate.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Truffle

A rich ganache center of Mexican hot chocolate combined with roasted Hatch green chilies, dipped in dark chocolate then hand rolled in cinnamon, chilies and cocoa to complete this rich truffle.


Red Velvet Cake Truffle

Silky smooth and luxurious red velvet chocolate center is covered in white chocolate, drizzled with milk chocolate, and topped with crystalized sugar.

Showgirls Truffle

White chocolate blended with strawberry and raspberry puree, coated in milk and white chocolate, sprinkled with sugar crystals.


Sundae Bash Truffle

Peanut butter layered over a dark chocolate ganache center, immersed in dark chocolate, then milk chocolate, drizzled with white and dark chocolate, sprinkled with roasted pecans and a cherry Jelly Bean to top off the Sundae. 


Swiss Mint Truffle

Rich dark chocolate center infused with peppermint oil, dipped in dark chocolate, then in milk chocolate.


Tiramisu Truffle

Rich dark chocolate infused with Tiramisu flavoring, dipped twice in dark chocolate.


unbirthday party.jpg

Un-Birthday Party Truffle

White chocolate with Fudge Love center: dipped first in dark chocolate, then in white chocolate, drizzled with pink chocolate, topped with sprinkles and a jelly bean.


White Rabbit Truffle

Features a buttercream ganache center, enrobed in white chocolate, decorated with a white chocolate drizzle and sugar crystals.