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Tue-Fri  11-7

Sat  11-6

Sun  12-5

Closed Mondays


Mystic Sanctuary is a Metaphysical-Occult shop which specializes in mystical & magical tools/services geared toward the spiritually minded and gifts of interest to the pagan community.

Products include: Incense, Oils, Candles, Crystals, Statuary, Altar Supplies, Tarot, Books, Jewelry, Teas, Chocolate Truffles & Gifts.

Our reach includes: Norse, Greek/Roman, Egyptian, Celtic, Hindu, Shamanism, Witchcraft, Wicca, Ceremonial, Left Hand Path, Conjure/Hoodoo, Holistic Healing and more.


Here at Mystic Sanctuary, "the value of serving people and inspiring the human spirit is a guiding principle of ours.       





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