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To attend a class please call Mystic Sanctuary to RSVP and save your spot.


Our classroom is upstairs with no elevator, so if you have mobility issues, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Fate, Freedom of Choice, Past Life Regression, Light Bodies




















Whispering Shadows Psychic Fair

Oct 30th, Sunday

12pm - 5pm

A different kind of Psychic Fair
Whispering Shadows focuses away from the New Age Status Quo. We specialize in DarkWorkers. There will be no raising your vibration here, nor any form of spiritual escapism. Our Readers and Healers will support you in facing the issues at hand on a spiritual level, regardless of how hard it may be!
We focus on empowering our clients in healing and self mastery, not emotional/spiritual Band-aids.
Come celebrate the Season of the Witch! 

"Other Kin" Class

Nov 20th, Sunday

2pm - 4pm,  $35

This class will talk about the difference, how to identify if you are one and what life is like living as one.

When you feel the call, the pull of your instinctual cravings it’s hard not to think you are crazy. Shifting and transforming inside and trying to make sense of it all with a logical human brain can make the process even more bizarre. There is lots on the internet but not much when it comes to meeting people that help you grow and integrate the non-human being that lives inside you and your soul. In this class we will cover, what is the call, how to know who you are, what are the difference in the subcultures of this topic. How to respond to the shifting in your soul and how to handle what to do as you integrate miracle ability you possess.

Follow link below to purchase tickets to this class:

The Power of Finding your Place Otherkin, Therians & Everything in Between Tickets, Sun, Nov 20, 2022 at 2:00 PM | Eventbrite

Witches Night At Twilight

Nov 27th, Sunday

5pm - 10pm

"Local Crafts Fair"

Join us at Mystic Sanctuary to highlight local crafters! We will have extra vendors at this AFTER HOURS event to showcase our local vendors handmade wares. 

Some products include: Beautiful Handmade Brooms & More, Wire Wrapping, Artwork/Paintings, Conjure Candles, Hoodoo Oils & Supplies etc.

A free event open to all.

"Empowering Your Prosperity" Class

Jan 8th, Sunday

2pm - 4pm,  $35

Too many magical people struggle to make ends meet. That should not be! It is time to delve deep into our minds and examine our relationships with money and power. It is through our thoughts that magic begins, a mind with a bad relationship with money and power can only bring lack! We shall look at many reasons why we fail to manifest. From thought patterns to soul level illnesses! As well as give some tools to begin healing your relationships with prosperity!


"Energy & Manipulation" Class

Jan 22nd, Sunday

2pm - 4pm,  $35


"Sorcery of Love" Class

Feb 5th, Sunday

2pm - 4pm, $35

"Cloaked in Darkness" Psychic Vampire Class

March 5th, Sunday

2pm - 4pm,  $35

"The Magic Shield" A Psychic Self-Defense Class

March 19th, Sunday

2pm - 4pm,  $35