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Fate, Freedom of Choice, Past Life Regression, Light Bodies




















The Shaman, The Witch and the Circle

Part 1- Sun - Sept 11th, &  Part 2- Sun - Sept  18th, 2022

12:00 - 5pm


Taught by Teotl Tonalli

 Teotl Tonalli | Facebook

This class is for adults Only (18+ Only)

This class is taught in 2 sessions

Come to Mystic Sanctuary in University Place WA. and learn about the intersection between the worlds of Shamanism, Wicca and Magic.
This workshop will cover mostly basic shamanic principles such as:

What is Shamanism?
Who is the Shaman?
Why modern day Contemporary
Shamanism is Not a "Closed Practice"
How is one called to Shamanism?
The mapping of the Shamanic Worldview.
Basic Shamanic Journey
Basic Shamanic Healing.
Gods, and Spirits in Shamanism.
Shamanism and Pagan and Wiccan Ritual
Shamanism as Spellwork
The Magic of Shamanism in the Magic Circle

And More!

This class is designed to enrich the practice of already experienced Pagans and Wiccans through the practice of Shamanic Journey. As such it is not a class about Wicca or Paganism but how we can apply Shamanic Principles to our Pagan and Wiccan Paths.

It will be 2 days of intensive healing and learning. Bring Your Journal ( or BOS) and pen to journal, water to drink and snacks to help you ground and stay energetic, and your willingness to participate and share experiences in a group setting.

Registration for this class is $150
Register in Person at Mystic Sanctuary
( Cash only) or with Instructor directly at Mystic Sanctuary on Wednesdays or Fridays.

Registration is not Refundable

Tickets are limited, register today!

**If you are a teacher and interested in teaching a class here at Mystic Sanctuary, please call the store @ 253-302-3563 after 2pm and ask for Dawn.

Monthly Drum Circle

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