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Events and Classes




To attend a class please call Mystic Sanctuary to RSVP and save your spot.


Our classroom is upstairs with no elevator, so if you have mobility issues, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Fate, Freedom of Choice, Past Life Regression, Light Bodies





















Through the Veil of Darkness: The Magick of Daemons Class


2 PM – 4 PM

From Ancient Grimoires to Religious text, from Hollywood to Television, the myth and the reality of Daemons and lower vibrational entities are lost. Truth is obscured by fear, and the dangers by thirst of power. In this class you will learn from 2 experienced practitioners the truth of these ancient beings. Be present as we part the mythological veil and explore the basic lore behind Daemons. From Fallen Angel's to Archerypes, we will reveal history, lore, and the basic ways to connect with them.
This is a wonderful introduction for anyone to find power and knowledge in our own darkness! Please bring open mind and willingness to learn about the counterbalance to the High Vibrations of the New Age.
Taught by Teotl Tonalli and Silvermoon Medicyn.
Please call Mystic Sanctuary to RSVP
Pay the day if class.

Through The Eyes of a Shaman: A Night With An Oracle


3 PM – 4:30 PM

$35 per spot
A communal night of healing and divination. In this event Roman Delgado will enter a deep shamanic trance and be a bridge between the world's for all present.
One at a time you will have the opportunity for a mini healing or to ask a question of the compassionate Spirits that he works with.
These are not full time Shamanic healing or readings but a small 5-10 minute session each with the spirits.
We will hold space for each other, and we ask all in attendance to respect the sovereignty and privacy of all participants.
Call or stop by the store to RSVP

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